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Welcome To Kehillas Sha'ar HaShamayim


Nestled in the Hills of Wesley Hills...

...a beacon of Torah and Tefilah stands atop East Willow Tree Rd.


Under the leadership of Rav Yosef Viener, Shlitah, Kehillas Sha'ar HaShamayim continues to grow and serve the community with Minyanim, Shiurim and a state of the art Beis Medrash.

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Kehillas Sha'ar HaShamayim is made up of a diverse group of individuals and families. 


Benefits include:


Daily Daf Yomi

Pirchei Shabbos Programming

Active N'Shei Committee-Steered Events

Shalosh Seudos

Avos U'Banim

Multiple Daily Minyanim

Communicty Mishloach Manos Campaign



Latest News

Check out the full library of Rav Viener's shiurim on

​Simcha Hall

You can view the Hall Agreement and download a copy of the contract.​ 

Mishloach Manos Campaign

Join the campaign. Details to be announced.

Night Seder Program 


Whether you are looking to learn 1 on 1 with a Chavrusah, on your own, or attend a Shiur, we are your destination!


M-W Rav Viener's Contemporary Halacha Shiur


S-Th Nightly Daf Yomi


S-Th Boys Learning Program


...and others as well.

Zmanei Tefilla


Shacharis 6:45 and 8:00

Mincha 1:30

Mincha/Maariv - before and after Sunset

Maariv 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:45


Kabbalas Shabbos - 8 minutes after Candle Lighting

Shacharis 8:45

Mincha and Maariv as well; times depend on the week and the season.

Download the Seasonal Schedule

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